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Nestled amidst the picturesque foothills of the Darjeeling Himalayas, Sittong is a hidden gem of North East India. With its breathtaking landscapes, serene atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage, Sittong offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking solitude or a family looking for an adventure, Sittong has something to offer everyone.

To truly experience the beauty and charm of Sittong, renting a car is the most convenient and flexible option. GoEazyCab, a leading car rental service provider in the region, offers a wide range of well-maintained vehicles to suit your needs and preferences.

About Sittong car Rental

At Sittong Car Rental, we believe in providing our customers with a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles ensures that you can explore your city or embark on a road trip with comfort and style. From compact cars for solo travelers to spacious SUVs for family adventures, we’ve got the perfect ride for every occasion.

The GoEazyCab Advantage

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing your travel experience, we’ve partnered with GoEazyCab – a cutting-edge ride-sharing service that complements our car rental offerings. Here’s why GoEazyCab is the perfect companion for your journeys:

1. Seamless Connectivity

With GoEazyCab, you can seamlessly transition from your car rental to a cab service without missing a beat. The integration between Sittong Car Rental and GoEazyCab ensures that your travel plans remain fluid and flexible.

2. Cost-Effective Travel

GoEazyCab’s competitive pricing makes it an economical choice for short-distance travel within the city. Whether you need a quick ride to a meeting or want to explore local attractions without worrying about parking, GoEazyCab has got you covered.

3. User-Friendly App

Booking a ride with GoEazyCab is a breeze, thanks to their user-friendly app. Simply download the app, input your destination, and enjoy a comfortable ride at the touch of a button.

4. Reliable and Safe

Safety is our top priority, and GoEazyCab shares our commitment to providing reliable and secure transportation. All drivers undergo thorough background checks, and the vehicles are regularly inspected to ensure your peace of mind.

How to Enjoy the Sittong Car Rental with GoEazyCab Experience

  1. Rent a Car: Visit our website or drop by our rental office to choose the perfect vehicle for your needs.

  2. Download the GoEazyCab App: Head to your app store, download the GoEazyCab app, and create an account.

  3. Seamless Integration: When you’re ready to explore, use the GoEazyCab app to book a ride and experience the convenience of a seamless transition from your rental car to a cab.

  4. Enjoy Your Journey: Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, exploring local attractions, or simply cruising around town, enjoy the journey with Sittong Car Rental and GoEazyCab.

At Sittong Car Rental, we’re excited about the endless possibilities that our partnership with GoEazyCab brings to your travel experience. Embrace the freedom to explore your city effortlessly – rent a car with us and ride with GoEazyCab. Your adventure awaits!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sittong Car Rental

We offer a wide variety of cars to suit your needs and preferences, including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. Our fleet includes popular brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Mahindra, and Tata, ensuring you get a well-maintained and comfortable vehicle for your travels.We offer a wide variety of cars to suit your needs and preferences, including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. Our fleet includes popular brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Mahindra, and Tata, ensuring you get a well-maintained and comfortable vehicle for your travels.

Yes, we offer one-way car rental services within Northeast India. Our one-way rental rates are slightly higher than round-trip rates, but we strive to provide you with competitive pricing and flexible options.

GoEazyCab offers a user-friendly platform to compare car rental options, check availability, and make instant bookings. You can also access exclusive deals and discounts through GoEazyCab, making your rental even more affordable.

We provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all our rental vehicles. We also take stringent safety measures to ensure the well-being of our customers and their belongings.

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Biology class for Secondary level
Biology class for Secondary level
Very well organised cab service... They value time... Drivers are also well behaved... You can get cautious driving by the drivers... Owner is awesome . Thanks for the service .
hemant phogat
hemant phogat
Amazing service, highly recommended
Very friendly and cooperative driver. The cab was in excellent condition and we enjoyed our trip thoroughly.
Sudeshna Dhar
Sudeshna Dhar
Very good service. Nice clean ambience.
sahil Tamang
sahil Tamang
I had a great experience with Go Eazy Cab's taxi service in Siliguri. The drivers were polite, punctual, and knowledgeable about the city. The taxis were clean, well-equipped, and provided a comfortable ride. Go Eazy Cab's taxi service in Siliguri is highly recommended for reliable and efficient transportation.
Subhajit Modak
Subhajit Modak
Go Eazy Cab offers reliable car rental and taxi service in Darjeeling. The cars provided were clean and well-maintained, and the drivers were professional and friendly. They made sure we had a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Go Eazy Cab is a trusted choice for car rental and taxi service in Darjeeling.
Rajan Sharma
Rajan Sharma
FANTASTIC JOURNEY OF DARJEELING. Very Good Behaviour of Driver Sahil with my family.
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